Technically, I wanna set your soul on fire
But figuratively I would love us to melt on a canvas until we are stripped down to nothing but our blood and oils
Sensual passion that boils
Colours that drip from canvas to floor
To slither along these marble shores
Not tip toeing because our love is no secret behind these metophorical doors
The doors, we slither under
The floor, we’re slathered over
The art we make is more than love roasted and turned over
A fire
Because it was passion we desired
And your soul,  I wanted to melt until our hearts caught on fire


All of the Above

I can remember you saying, “how will we keep in touch”
Not knowing that later along the line, not only would we find that we would love, touch, fuck and an arrangment of such things
All of the above…
I can remember the talk of keeping our friendship a friendship
But there was too much tension on censorship and before I knew it
I was riding you like a bandit getting away with a stolen Buick
I could admit, i never experienced a loving like this
It was so much love , an abundance of passion
It was me, crashing into you, pulling your hair, you pushing me there
I could almost say in that moment that I loved you
But my mind kept wondering back to the intial reason of our deposition
You were taken
And I took you
But what a woman to do when bottled up emotions are shaken
Should I had burst into a mad frenzy of lust and let those feelings be forsaken
I couldnt
I couldnt pass up on the pass on such fucking lust
I had
So much trust in a man’s hands i shouldnt even have touched
Was it wrong ?
For me to want some of his heavenly love
For me to look into his eyes and hope that in the moment he meant every silent word his dripping body cried
I could have been mistaken
But it was all right
When our two bodies were shaking, gyrating, making the new stories of this friendship but just a frienship
With no tension or censorship
I poured down rain as your clenching grip and temperature raised me to another level
Everytime our skin grazed, as we touched, as we fucked
As we all of the aboved…
You were like a God to me
So heavenly sweet, I could taste me off your tongue
I couldnt devour the power to speak because my body screamed with every stroke
I went into orgasmic attack because like a swimmer you didnt even have to come up back for air
I gasped
This forbidden lust was more tragic then when Adam ate the apple
Like we were in the garden of Eden and along with the snake we were two heathens commiting an act of orgasmic and blissful attacks agaisnt each other
You were my bonafide bonafide lover
And as i sinned, you commited an act of betrayal agaisnt your lover
Do you still love her?
I never wondered
Because I love this
We seal the deal every time with a kiss and dismiss the comittance of yearning we want amiss
I always want more
But I wonder how long I can keep remissing that you have a misses
Who is tasting my kisses
I miss it
And all the above.






Letting you go is so much more than hard.

It’s been painful, joyous, frightening and a bunch of words that wouldn’t even be synonymous to each other. 

Although your physically gone, emotionally I still share some kind of attachment to you.

It’s minimal but I still care.

Enough to write this.

I still dream about you.

It’s weird.

It’s always something weird…

Thoughts of you and us run reluctanly through my mind daily but I know you wern’t for me. 

Now I know.

You definitely were not “the one”.

But you opened my eyes.

I have such a better understanding about what I need, my demands.

How a relationship should work.

Things that shouldn’t happen.

How being in love feels again.

You helped me become a better woman.

I’m so much more stronger an confident.

I thank you for that.

And I know whoever is next for you will never be me.

And whoever is next for me will never be you because we both are such unique beings.

And so were our experiences.

So, I can only hope for the best for you and hope that in time we can see each other and laugh at the past.

But for now, I shall look past you.

Farewell my love.



So it’s 4:05
& I think about my thighs 
That I want you to rub
Because at these times I need pure unadulterated love

& I look at my bed seams 
That I usually squeeze 
When my back starts to arch 
And my legs start to quease 
And then your covers become a tangled mess underneath our heated beings 

So then I think about your lips 
My hands locked on your hips 
Riding like I stole something 
Or I’m chasing after kids
Tasting you like Adam and God said he forbid 
Can’t help but to think about the lust that we’re amid 

We’re intimate and so into it 
And you would think we had a limit 
Cuz the pace that we’re going is like 5,000 strokes a minute
Maybe not 
But I’m just spitting 
Times just slipping
My head’s spinning 
You keep licking 
And I’m just grinning 
Cuz god damn baby, I’m fucking winning 
I mean….

It’s 4:20
Time to blow it down
But instead your going down
& I’m serving up a wave for you to crash in drown in
The two colours of our chocolate covered brown skin melt into one 
& the sun, that’s barley up yet swims across the skyYour hand sits upon my thigh
My hand sits upon your head
Your fingers trickle on my leg

Suns up
And your up too
Still we make love like were in Europe’s view
French kissing like were on a secret mission in Moulin Rouge 
I do J’adore Vous
I do adore you
My hands they explore you
And like I said we’re on a mission
So kissing wouldn’t be off mission since were in a cabaret
I can tell we’re almost done but I can can almost feel that I’m about to cum
As you come closer
And as you cum over again

You lick your lips
I dip my hips
We cuddle in the covers full of our lovers juice
I think I can call this lovers abuse
But I’m loving the abuse because I seduce and produce
The level of love that we make that’s massaged in our nous.



I no longer think we’re compatible
Sex drive, crash, collateral damage
I mean sometimes I think I can manage
The gaps
In the time, the signs
That tell me I’m losing my mind
Because you’re not really mine and possessions a bitch
That I do
Because I never see you
& you never call
Maybe I climbed too far up that wall
and put my myself on pedestal that I can’t even haul 
Too high to think about falling 
Because I still have to think about hauling 
That pedestal down a little lower
& I’m trying not to frown
But this space and my empty memories of your face
Downloaded images I want to erase 
Cuz I’m mad
But I’m sad so I think about other things 
Not like I have other flings to take me out of this space
Not like I have other tings to take me out on dates
More like resistance and heavy persistence
A together-ly act of one to try and change the instance
Is what we don’t have
It’s up for grabs
But why I should I re take it 
I’m somebody, a person to have
But why should I fake it
For you?
Yeah I’m somebody
But no one to you
I get it
I can’t sweat it 
Regret it or fret it
So I roll up my tears, blow it down and shed it 
I’ve been crying for a hour now
And I can’t tell if it’s my thoughts or the smoke that loud 
I think I’m done with these thoughts
I placed them up on a cloud
So now I’m only try to think if our compatibility is allowed
Because I like attention and you like your distance
But see, you can tell you want me then refuse coexistence
So I no longer think we’re compatible 
Sex drive was great but we crashed.

Love or loving

I told Cupid love was pointless
He disagreed
So he shot me in the ass & I grabbed his dick as he passed, took that arrow, broke it in two & threw it in the grass because I don’t believe in love 
& these love letters from Hermes are just soul tormenting blasts from Hades & his prisoners of my love ones of the past
… Here’s the story
I only call you to cum, sometimes after one
Just cause the sexual tension has me bursting like a gun on a bank run
Rob another, got me whipped like a pistol that he flashed to steal those stack of ones
I wish the feeling would last
But after I cum, I’m done, I fall asleep, I wake up and don’t text you for a while
Cuz this thing we got is kinda wild
Its more sexual then affectionate and more intellectual when were sexing it
But, I realized this kinda love is for a child
I was feeling you but I don’t think I could deal with you and your crushes on other girls
I remember the last one had my name
And your game is airtight like microwave plates I imagine to make late nights when we run outta food on our bake nights
I imagine a lot 
But this thing that I got, I’m not too sure if its love or lust or if I really just like the fuck
I could just be confused or maybe I’m out of luck trying to look for the right guy
Because sex is important
Mama want me wait all my life then marry a guy who just may not suffice in the areas I want him to succeed
And what good a man to me, if his seed cannot succeed the measures of which I please
Tell me what do I need? 
I’m interested in intelligence, a mindful and thoughtful relationship where we can coexist without even existing in our dreams
A man where he can provide for me beyond my needs while I take care of him as he follows his dreams
And for mine as I fein, we move together without anyone who dares to intervene
Hoes, or otherwise
I don’t have many demands for my man
The man of my dreams
But I just have to stop myself from sliding my hands in your jeans
It seems I’m more interested in your loving than your loving
& I couldn’t be more lonley
When I’m sleeping with my thoughts, threesome with my regrets
It’s so much easier to forget when I’m having sex
With you
Protection, agaisnt what?
Infection from love?
Scratch that, maybe an X because I don’t think this is a love that I’m loving you
I feel like there’s a love when I’m fucking you
But all that’s over my head because I’m done love fucking you.