All of the Above

I can remember you saying, “how will we keep in touch”
Not knowing that later along the line, not only would we find that we would love, touch, fuck and an arrangment of such things
All of the above…
I can remember the talk of keeping our friendship a friendship
But there was too much tension on censorship and before I knew it
I was riding you like a bandit getting away with a stolen Buick
I could admit, i never experienced a loving like this
It was so much love , an abundance of passion
It was me, crashing into you, pulling your hair, you pushing me there
I could almost say in that moment that I loved you
But my mind kept wondering back to the intial reason of our deposition
You were taken
And I took you
But what a woman to do when bottled up emotions are shaken
Should I had burst into a mad frenzy of lust and let those feelings be forsaken
I couldnt
I couldnt pass up on the pass on such fucking lust
I had
So much trust in a man’s hands i shouldnt even have touched
Was it wrong ?
For me to want some of his heavenly love
For me to look into his eyes and hope that in the moment he meant every silent word his dripping body cried
I could have been mistaken
But it was all right
When our two bodies were shaking, gyrating, making the new stories of this friendship but just a frienship
With no tension or censorship
I poured down rain as your clenching grip and temperature raised me to another level
Everytime our skin grazed, as we touched, as we fucked
As we all of the aboved…
You were like a God to me
So heavenly sweet, I could taste me off your tongue
I couldnt devour the power to speak because my body screamed with every stroke
I went into orgasmic attack because like a swimmer you didnt even have to come up back for air
I gasped
This forbidden lust was more tragic then when Adam ate the apple
Like we were in the garden of Eden and along with the snake we were two heathens commiting an act of orgasmic and blissful attacks agaisnt each other
You were my bonafide bonafide lover
And as i sinned, you commited an act of betrayal agaisnt your lover
Do you still love her?
I never wondered
Because I love this
We seal the deal every time with a kiss and dismiss the comittance of yearning we want amiss
I always want more
But I wonder how long I can keep remissing that you have a misses
Who is tasting my kisses
I miss it
And all the above.






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