Dear King

Dear King,

I want to ride you.
Until you fall in love with me
Until you fall in love within me
Inside me
Until you fall in love with what’s inside me
Passionate soul
I want you to rest your hands on my hips as I straddle your mind
As I kiss your lips
As I gaze into your eye, the third one
Till I can no longer ride because as a man your supposed to hold the world on your shoulders and you told me I was yours ; So as I get higher to the clouds I just end up sprouting wings and flying higher till I mount extacy…
Does that make sense?
I want to see your soul laying next to mine
I want us to be spiritually devine
& connected
Through auras and chakras
Through our nerve endings that shock us
I want us to be in love from the inside
From the mind out
So deeply wrapped up in the plots of our own character twists that we dont even know if a protagonist in our story could be a matter
So intrigued in our pages of our own life story that the world seems like a dream we’re only experiencing to make us better
And as my insides, only get wetter
We continue to get better
Because this whole time I was riding you
Guiding you into my mind
I’m already yours but tell me if yours is a mind of mine?



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