Letting you go is so much more than hard.

It’s been painful, joyous, frightening and a bunch of words that wouldn’t even be synonymous to each other. 

Although your physically gone, emotionally I still share some kind of attachment to you.

It’s minimal but I still care.

Enough to write this.

I still dream about you.

It’s weird.

It’s always something weird…

Thoughts of you and us run reluctanly through my mind daily but I know you wern’t for me. 

Now I know.

You definitely were not “the one”.

But you opened my eyes.

I have such a better understanding about what I need, my demands.

How a relationship should work.

Things that shouldn’t happen.

How being in love feels again.

You helped me become a better woman.

I’m so much more stronger an confident.

I thank you for that.

And I know whoever is next for you will never be me.

And whoever is next for me will never be you because we both are such unique beings.

And so were our experiences.

So, I can only hope for the best for you and hope that in time we can see each other and laugh at the past.

But for now, I shall look past you.

Farewell my love.



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