Which is better? Being single or in a relationship?, They asked

Well to start, I’m doing just fine
I didn’t die of being alone yet
And I’m single!
I mean, yes I’m lonely at nights
But I have my pillows!
And I take a lot comfort in that
But I assume when couples are lonely, pillows don’t suffice and that in itself makes them more lonely
And who needs more loneliness at this time in the world?
Or at this time of night…..

I like that I don’t have commitment
I’m young, not too sure what I need in life
I know what I want 
But do I truly need binding love at this age?
Probably not
I was taught this though and society seems to shove it down my throat
But I think the 20s are for living
Not loving

Do I want with someone from now to the end of my days?
I mean, that’s what its about right?
Loving until love itself is not enough and we have to bind ourselves with marriage to show everyone that love wasn’t enough
I never understood marriage….
But am I ready to stick with someone forever and after?
I don’t know

Am I ready to love fully and forever
But am I ready to do so now
I don’t even know myself 
I’m still learning to differentiate love, lust and infatuation
And if someone comes around, yes I will date them
But I don’t want to dabble in any ole relationship
More so because most of them turn out to be relationshits

I think I’ve answered your question….


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