I used to know you
We were almost identical it seemed
Our nerves would react at the same moment every time our eyes made contact
At first…
& I couldn’t combat the deal I made with my heart and soul’s contract to keep on ever loving you
But oh how so quickly that turned blue
My heart froze cold before my fingers could touch you
My stomach started aching before our problems became verbal 
And I…
Stopped all interaction before my fingers turned purple
And I….
Just stopped knowing you
It started with texts that always ended
Empty conversations that couldn’t be amended
Our infatuation with each other seemed to be suspended and was being apprehended because I just stopped knowing you
I couldn’t figure out who you were
Who I was 
Why I loved
Why I fell down from my dream cloud up above
I was blind obviously
But then again, that could happen when your day dreaming too close to the sun
Of course I thought you were the one
But I didn’t know you
So I stopped before we even begun
We were close once….


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