Trinidad 2014!

So if you been following me, you would have noticed I titled an Ootd (outfit of the day) post, “Welcome Back to America”

Many of you may not have even know I was gone — I am truly a bad blogger

Well yes, I left mid February to go back home to my country Trinidad in midst of it’s Carnival celebration. I partied, spent time with family and all in all enjoyed myself to the max. I was the happiest woman alive.


So here are some photos from my mini vacation….

ImageCarnival Monday with YumaImageInside “Flash light up the Night”ImageInside “Pandemonium: Flight Cruise Jouvert”

ImageCarnival Tuesday with YumaImageInside Yuma: NeonImageEnroute to Army Fete ImageBefore Machel MondayImageOut shopping ImageUp countryside with neighbors 

ImageMy grandfather and IImageBefore a night on the Avenue

 ImageWining on a wall. Broke my wall virginity this year!

ImageBefore Neon

ImageMakeup for Carnival Monday. Done by moi!!!


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