I no longer think we’re compatible
Sex drive, crash, collateral damage
I mean sometimes I think I can manage
The gaps
In the time, the signs
That tell me I’m losing my mind
Because you’re not really mine and possessions a bitch
That I do
Because I never see you
& you never call
Maybe I climbed too far up that wall
and put my myself on pedestal that I can’t even haul 
Too high to think about falling 
Because I still have to think about hauling 
That pedestal down a little lower
& I’m trying not to frown
But this space and my empty memories of your face
Downloaded images I want to erase 
Cuz I’m mad
But I’m sad so I think about other things 
Not like I have other flings to take me out of this space
Not like I have other tings to take me out on dates
More like resistance and heavy persistence
A together-ly act of one to try and change the instance
Is what we don’t have
It’s up for grabs
But why I should I re take it 
I’m somebody, a person to have
But why should I fake it
For you?
Yeah I’m somebody
But no one to you
I get it
I can’t sweat it 
Regret it or fret it
So I roll up my tears, blow it down and shed it 
I’ve been crying for a hour now
And I can’t tell if it’s my thoughts or the smoke that loud 
I think I’m done with these thoughts
I placed them up on a cloud
So now I’m only try to think if our compatibility is allowed
Because I like attention and you like your distance
But see, you can tell you want me then refuse coexistence
So I no longer think we’re compatible 
Sex drive was great but we crashed.


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