What if

What if I told you I wasn’t trying to make you fall in love?
If I
Told you I wanted relation without the ship
Without the tears, the ocean, the sinking ships of our relation-shit
What if I told you this is as good as it gets
Warm loving like mama’s old oven mitts
I wanna bake with you till this love thing hits
I wanna
Spirtual highness with someone I can ride with
Someone I could strive with
& drive by if the time hits
I’ll ride with you if the time permits
What if
What if I told you I need you
Like a whore needs love and affection
Like we need protection because if we was to fuck
It’ll be less than a little while until conception
Affection and complextion in the midst of our direction, its more better to be odd in the light of our perfection
I’m guessing
What if
I told you the universe couldn’t describe the amounts of width I feel for you
If a math equation, as simple as 2+2 couldnt multiple by anything to express how I love for you
If you could only see the way your mind has captured me
Tangled me in the roots of your soul so sweet
If you opened me up you would see Mama Earth so red dirty deep
I mean what if
What if I told you love isnt what i want you to do
Could we just live?
Make love, fuck and have a couple kids?
Without the title, the chains, the burden that comes with it?
Emancipated in the state of our newly created
Highness above love
Our relation without the ship
Without the tears, heartache and break that comes with it
Without the ravaging oceans that break down our walls, crash through and falls, cacscade our decks and tear down it all
Could we?
What if?
This thing wer’e doing is the epitimey of it?
You know this love shit
What if
There’s something greater than it?
Ride this ship till we reach the tip
Of the excstacy
And no not during sex but as we come down from the effects of being so high
Can you let me drive?
I’ll steer in the right direction
All we need love, affection & protection
To enter this highness of our complextion





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