Love or loving

I told Cupid love was pointless
He disagreed
So he shot me in the ass & I grabbed his dick as he passed, took that arrow, broke it in two & threw it in the grass because I don’t believe in love 
& these love letters from Hermes are just soul tormenting blasts from Hades & his prisoners of my love ones of the past
… Here’s the story
I only call you to cum, sometimes after one
Just cause the sexual tension has me bursting like a gun on a bank run
Rob another, got me whipped like a pistol that he flashed to steal those stack of ones
I wish the feeling would last
But after I cum, I’m done, I fall asleep, I wake up and don’t text you for a while
Cuz this thing we got is kinda wild
Its more sexual then affectionate and more intellectual when were sexing it
But, I realized this kinda love is for a child
I was feeling you but I don’t think I could deal with you and your crushes on other girls
I remember the last one had my name
And your game is airtight like microwave plates I imagine to make late nights when we run outta food on our bake nights
I imagine a lot 
But this thing that I got, I’m not too sure if its love or lust or if I really just like the fuck
I could just be confused or maybe I’m out of luck trying to look for the right guy
Because sex is important
Mama want me wait all my life then marry a guy who just may not suffice in the areas I want him to succeed
And what good a man to me, if his seed cannot succeed the measures of which I please
Tell me what do I need? 
I’m interested in intelligence, a mindful and thoughtful relationship where we can coexist without even existing in our dreams
A man where he can provide for me beyond my needs while I take care of him as he follows his dreams
And for mine as I fein, we move together without anyone who dares to intervene
Hoes, or otherwise
I don’t have many demands for my man
The man of my dreams
But I just have to stop myself from sliding my hands in your jeans
It seems I’m more interested in your loving than your loving
& I couldn’t be more lonley
When I’m sleeping with my thoughts, threesome with my regrets
It’s so much easier to forget when I’m having sex
With you
Protection, agaisnt what?
Infection from love?
Scratch that, maybe an X because I don’t think this is a love that I’m loving you
I feel like there’s a love when I’m fucking you
But all that’s over my head because I’m done love fucking you.


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