Socaholics Costume Shoot

If you guys don’t know I’m an extreme Carnival Junkie. I love soca, I love Trinidad & I love mas. I was asked to be one of the models for Costume Designer Kieran Prescott as he presented his designs for Socaholics mas band for Boston Carnival 2013, this August. His designs go by the name of NaReik Designs.

If you haven’t played mas (participated in Carnival, you should definitely do so! Kieran is an amzing designer, with a lot of creativity and he has a great personality and I will be playing with him (Turquoise & orange section). This year Socaholics is the band to beat! For more information on Boston Carnival google search “Boston Carnival” to get more information or you can email me personally at

Makeup was done by Viper (@vipersmakeup on IG) Here are some behind the scenes pics.





You can find Kieran on Facebook by Kieran Prescott.


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