4/30. National Poetry Month

They say insanity is doing the same thing over & over again but expecting a different result
I been running along this road since you stopped me & told me my legs flowed like the Amazon River in the Brazilian rainforest and me, I was your Amazon Queen
But even now I’m starting to feel like I’ve caught a mild case of insanity (cough)
How dare you control me and hold my hand but whisper in public that you’re not my man
Spread my legs when I lay in bed but deny me the satisfactory pleasure of head (cough)
And expect me to get on my pretty little knees & give you the satisfactory pleasure that you please (cough)
Boy you must be crazy
Because I think I’ve caught a mild case of insanity
And my eyes they try to deny but (cough)

You see, you said you would come home the last night
But you came home this night, drunk
& our fight, when I sunk my teeth into your wrists, you screamed, you called me crazy bitch
But I don’t give a shit
Because I no longer will take the demeaning acts that you created, stamped & stacked on my back
Like a slave, I worshipped you
You were my Allah, my God, my Rah, my sun, my Buddah, my one
A good woman, what woamn cuz you called me everything but that (cough)
You see those metaphorical bricks that you stacked on my back
I’m hunched like a cheetah who’s ready to attack
And my back it creaks with the pain of the fact that I’ve been slouching since I’ve been with you
My self esteem so low
One more blow to this towering Jenga tower, skyscrapper of cold looks, late night books filled with entries of the voodoo I wish I could do
I’m your Amazon Queen right?
Let me get down to my Barbaric ways
Show you how much my hips can sway
When I’m dancing for rain
Calling for fire and an abundance of shame
I curse you (cough)
Every moment of pain I endured
I’ll sing to you bitter horrors as Miguel did Adorn
Cuz you know that I adorn you but yes I’m insane
You made me this way
As I sway my hips, you bite your lips
Or does crazy excite you?
I lick my lips like I’m ready to feast and bite you
Your ego at least
Trample it so low in the ground that even the undead can’t wake it
I hope they take it, curse it & give it you cold
So like volcanic pressure you’re soon to explode
& go crazy like a temper tantrum baby who’s been told no
I want you to feel how deep madness goes
How it enters your soul,paralyzing your spine & enters your mind
Takes over
Let’s move over to Jupiter so we can feel the coldness colder
& gas up your head
That’s what you like right?
Let’s stay on Jupiter
They say where boys went to get more stupider and I can call all those girls who went to Mars
& let them die in your arms near Jupiters stars
Don’t call me crazy
Because I’m just only insane
These bricks, they make my backbone thick
And each hateful word as you spit from above, they stick into the dusty cinderblock windows of love
No love, I mean only hate
Spiderwebs form
Searching for a dinner date of flies
Oh, how time flies
You’re dead in my eyes
As insanity kept me alive
Lucky for you, I stabbed you after you died.

– Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

4/30. National Poetry Month. Spoken Word


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