2/30. National Poetry Month

As the wind blew she holds her breath trying to hold in all her anger before she blows
The sun is now setting, slowly painting dying amber watercolors across the fading sky
She exhales watching the coldness of her breath disrupt the stillness of the air and closely watching how all nature around her was silent
The horns of the shipments boats roared as the brisk air from the crashing sea made even Jack Frost jealous
Seagulls roared above seemingly flying on strings controlled by a God of whom she didnt not know
Living by the seashore was her life, with seashells as prized possesions and housewifes married into families of fishermen and luberjacks
Explorer was her name, Columbus was her past life, she was an adventurer
She wanted freedom for the cycle of the fish trade

2/30. National Poetry Month. Free Verse Poem


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