Guess Who’s Back

So I’m back!

I flew into Boston around 5pm on the 19th of March and came back to the aftermath of a snowstorm. (Ugh)

Trinidad was great! 2 months in paradise was the absolute best, however being forever fashionable isn’t so much of a big thing yet in Trinidad. People “dress up” to go to parties & events but since the island is such a laid back and casual place, being the regular ole fashionable me would have me sticking out like a sore thumb.

I can say I did downgrade my fashionista styling in Trinidad quite a bit but when I did go out to concerts,fetes or parties I made sure I STEPPED OUT! I did not wear heels one time to go anywhere except church which is a major major change for me but I killed each outfit with sandals & flats equally.

I’m probably going to dedicate a post to some of my outfits during my Trinidad vacay but here are some of my looks the last couple days since I got back.

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