Poetry: Reassuring Confirmation

On my knees I pray
Because the way you please me, I swear it takes my religion away
Tasting you with my tongue I’ve allowed you to make me cum more than I came
You see I’m just a poet girl
Writing about love & lust & things that should stay between us on paper
But you was going too deep and your love was too sweet for me to keep
This shit a secret.
& I love it when you do that deep shit
With your tongue
Tasting me like I was some kind of fruit
Sucking me like I was a toddlers thumb
I couldn’t wait for you member to enter me and we bond into one because you’re such a sinful temptation
The look in our eyes after we kiss and we sigh is nothing but reassuring confirmation that my panties about to slide down
As you go down
After you bring your lips from my thighs to my hips
You offer me your tongue like you offer a gift and I do nothing but lean back in lustful persuasion
Extacy is in its full phase & along comes my wetness like a bathroom water basin
I’m shaking
Or its my legs at least
You feast and you tease and I can only think about how I’ll please in the next moments awaiting
I’m shaking
Cuz after you ripped off my clothes, the breeze from the windowsill blowed and my body turned from warmth to a little bit of cold
But our friction, this friction baby
Keep on rubbing, keep on touching till I bust
Damn, I struggle to keep it up cuz I’m stradding on your saddle and riding like I’ll never see your beautiful soul again
Climax again
I climb back again
And then we begin
The kissing, the sucking, the licking, the rubbing
I swear to God I’ve never had this kind of loving
My mascara drips down my face on my cheeks only to speak to our tattoos which are no longer covered
Orgasmic prayers are muttered
Cuz “oh my god this shit’s so good & oh Jesus I can’t take it”
I lose my breath like I’m watching our video if we taped it
Your hips & my hips
Your thighs & my lips
I’m scratching your back like I’m about to be taken
This fire
This lust full, sex full, passionate fire
I desire too deep everytime you penetrate my mind with the realness you speak
& the liquid I leak seems to be fuel to this fire
Because everytime you lick it up, I can’t get enough
And this sugar rush races with such seductive passion
And as our bodies glow in the dark they continue to crashing in two
But no hesitation, no false revelations
Cuz when passionate temptation cries we share the first kiss of reassuring confirmation


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