Dramatic Monolouge Attempt

I’m scaring myself
Because for the first time
I see myself falling in love
Usually I’ve never realized until i was deep within
All wrapped up
In my head, in your head…etc
But I’m outside of myself this time
Im much more aware and conscious
Im a little older now, less naive
So im understanding the logic of this falling process
And its progressing quite rapidly
Each passing day a bit of me becomes more attached
To everything about you
And it’s scary
For someone like me
Who’s been so cold and closed all her life
To actually
Want to be open
Want to feel
Want to change
And all for you
Who are you?
But a man
Who just came Into my life about 3 months ago
3 months isn’t even enough time
Is this even love?
I know infatuation can be blinding
I’m doubting myself again
Its the closedness
I never want to accept feelings
So I guess maybe im denying because I know its true
Denial is the first sign right?
Any who
Im falling
In love
Or maybe Im already in love because falling in requires the acknowledgment of the feeling of love itself
I guess I’m in love with you
And I’m crashing into it more every day





Hat: H&M
Top: Express
Pants: Express
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Belt: American Apparel


Technically, I wanna set your soul on fire
But figuratively I would love us to melt on a canvas until we are stripped down to nothing but our blood and oils
Sensual passion that boils
Colours that drip from canvas to floor
To slither along these marble shores
Not tip toeing because our love is no secret behind these metophorical doors
The doors, we slither under
The floor, we’re slathered over
The art we make is more than love roasted and turned over
A fire
Because it was passion we desired
And your soul,  I wanted to melt until our hearts caught on fire